Nick Wright Condemns Exhibition Place Dance Music Event Ban

Electronic Dance Music Event

Ward 20 Candidate Nick Wright condemns Exhibition Place’s ban on using city-owned buildings for hosting electronic music dance events and calls on all members of Council to take action to support the arts and work to reverse the prohibition. “The Exhibition Place Board’s decision to ban dance music events from publicly owned buildings on their grounds is an attack on arts and culture in our City and threatens to force such events into … [Read more...]


Nick Wright to Run for Ward 20 in Toronto Election


Toronto lawyer and community organizer Nick Wright has declared his candidacy for Toronto City Councillor for Ward 20 in the October 27, 2014 municipal election. "It is with great pleasure that I announce my candidacy for Toronto's Ward 20 in the upcoming election. Participating in the electoral process as a candidate is a great honour and I am excited by the opportunity to speak out on issues important to the community," said Nick … [Read more...]


Lawyer suing police after arrest during G20

A local lawyer is suing the Toronto Police Services Board for what he says was an unlawful arrest and a violation of his Charter rights during the city’s G20 summit – an incident the police say was simply an attempt to maintain public safety. Nicholas dePencier Wright is seeking $25,000 in damages, plus other fees, in small claims court for a run-in with police on June 27, 2010, the second day of G20 meetings at the Metro Toronto Convention … [Read more...]


Why I’m Suing the Police

As Canadians we often struggle to define ourselves. A comparatively young country, composed largely of immigrants of a multitude of cultures, it is often difficult to identify the unifying themes that unite Canada as a nation.While hockey, poutine and maple syrup may first come to mind, it is my belief that the Canadian attribute that best defines who we are and distinguishes us on the world stage are the Canadian values enshrined and protected … [Read more...]


Shark Fin Ban: Nick Wright Deputation

Nicholas dePencier Wright gives a deputation at the City of Toronto Licensing and Standards Committee on Ontario municipal jurisdiction to ban shark fin. … [Read more...]


Mayor’s office destroys records of business card purchase

Globe and Mail Update, Stephen Spencer Davis, Dec. 22, 2011 - Mayor Rob Ford’s office destroyed documents pertaining to the specially embossed business cards procured for the mayor and his staff from his family-owned company Deco Labels and Tags, according to a document obtained by The Globe and Mail. In late March, Deco sent him an invoice for 20,600 business cards produced at a cost of $1,579.15. After the invoice became public in October, … [Read more...]


Poll shows support for Toronto congestion fees

They don’t want taxes or tolls, but more than half of Toronto area residents say they would support a congestion charge for motorists driving into the downtown, according to an Angus Reid poll for the Toronto Star.Read more here: http://www.thestar.com/news/transportation/article/1082002--poll-shows-support-for-congestion-fees … [Read more...]


Atop the Sky Garden at UofT

When Kyla Smith, along with fellow civil engineering grad students Sarah Wilson and Heather Wray, wanted to grow a vegetable garden, the sky was the limit. Literally. If you look up, way up to the top of U of T's Galbraith Building, you may catch a glimpse of the Sky Garden. Initiated by the Urban Agriculture Society (a student chapter of the Food and Water Institute) and maintained by dedicated group of volunteers and urban agriculture … [Read more...]



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Toronto Ward 20 Trinity Spadina University of Toronto

Learn more about Ward 20! Download the City of Toronto's Ward 20 Profile for information on ward demographics HERE. … [Read more...]